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take a stand

Far right extremist ideologies are threatening Florida's education system. Curricula, educators, and most importantly, today's youth, are all at risk.

Most recently, a Tallahassee public school principal has been forced to resign over Michelangelo's statue of David being shared in a 6th grade Art History class during a lesson on Renaissance art. The School Board Chair claims, "Teachers are the experts? ...Are you kidding me?". 

We're not kidding, and it's time to take a stand. Stand up for education.

And don't back down, because I can promise you those fighting to erase history, women, queer folks, and BIPOC will not.

I made this "Welcome to Florida" poster in protest of these happenings.

I invite you to save it, share it, print it, wheat paste it. Get the word out. This image is proportioned to 11x17", but feel free to print larger.

Don't know how to wheat paste? It's easy!

Email Barney Bishop, the Board Chair of Tallahassee Classical School at to express your concerns.

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