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Photograph courtesy of Chad Martell

Sarah Painter is a figurative painter and graduate of Florida State University’s College of Fine Arts. She is currently back at FSU pursuing her M.S. in Art Education, focusing on social reconstructionist curriculum. With most of her work residing in the public realm as murals, community proves to be a necessary component in Painter’s work. Having painted internationally, her style is constantly evolving as she creates site specific work in social consideration of the setting and community. Also addressing a socially conscious agenda, her studio practice falls somewhere in between abstract realism and contemporary surrealism, touching on more personal themes of feminism and identity as a woman. Process is a fundamental aspect of Painter’s artwork, where the means of making the artwork are equally as important as the finished piece itself. Based in her hometown of Tallahassee, Painter lives and works alongside her fiancé and fellow artist Cosby Hayes. You can view their collaborative works here.

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